imagine reading a book of all the lies you’ve told 

IDK what kind of lives you all are leading, but this sounds like the boringest shit. “Yes I sent that email.” “Yeah, I like your outfit.” “I was sick.” “My mom said no” “No I wasn’t crying.” “Yes I read the Terms of Service”


DATING TIP: Hold the door for your date. Rip the door off its hinges. Use the door as a weapon to fight off other men. Establish dominance.

Distance (2001) dir. Hirokazu Koreeda

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Time to spread some happiness on Tumblr! Name 3 things that made you happy this week. Then send this to 5 of your followers!

The state fair.
Chicago dogs.
1 week sober.

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do you ever get questioned on your "blackness" because you do not fit the typical black mold. I'm East Indian and I don't fit in with other brown people. I like 90s emo, vintingy things, have a few tattoos and a couple piercings. I'm treated like an outsider even though I'm just as brown as anyone else. I get called white washed even though i can speak punjabi fluently and minored in Indian history. I want to know if this happens to only me or other people too.
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It happens to me as well. I am made fun of by my black “friends” because I was raised by “honkies.” I’ve been cat called and they yelled “hey thick redbone white girl.” They’ll say I’m not really black because my hair isn’t course or “nappy.” One man by the name of Frenchie told me “the only nigger thing about you is your nose.” I’m constantly feeling like I’m in the middle, too dark for some people, and too light for others. As much as I love living in Minneapolis/St. Paul I’ve never experienced more black on mixed or black on white prejudice/and racism as I do now.

I always get pushed to the side “because I grew up with whites.” 7th grade I was beat up by a girl for sitting with a white kid on the first day at a new school, after she got a few punches in she looked me dead in the face and said “don’t think you’re better than me because you’re light skinned.”

I get told that I’m “white washed” all the time. It’s tiring to hear, I know where you’re coming from. A friend of mine when I drive with her will hand me her audio cord in her car and she’ll say “you can play your white music.”

What the fuck is white music? Really?

At the same time I’m not entirely sure that mode is the right word, I don’t feel as though I fit in with black culture.

My morning consisted of lunch with my friend Scott, hanging out with his pup, and Chicago Dogs.

State fair today with the family.

Minnesota State Fair.
Handcrafted Harry Potter quilt and knitted characters.